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"That was awesome - you guys did a great job. The orienteering and different activities were really cool and the course was very well put together - challenging but not too long."
- Elite team

STORM Adventure Racing Race as a team of 3 or solo

STORM The North Shore

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All Play. No Pain. (Well maybe a little pain!)

From the absolute beginner to the veteran adventure racer, STORM offers something for everyone. That's because we've created FOUR different race courses in one event, ranging across the board in both distance and degree of difficulty. You have either the choice of competing in the mini-STORM for teams of 3; or, the traditional STORM where teams of 3 (or solo options for novice or intermediate) will compete only against those in their chosen race division - either 'Novice', 'Intermediate' or 'Elite'.

Which Course is for Me?

'Novice' Team Division

A first for Lower Mainland adventure races. Families, corporate teams, teams of friends and neighbours - anyone can do it! All you need is a mountain bike, suitable clothing and footwear, and a pack full of energy bars and you're all set to STORM! The beginner route is a wilderness style short-course that includes a paddling leg, easy-level mountain biking and hiking, orienteering, and a series of 'mystery tests' designed all in fun. This course is primarily designed for first time adventure racers.

'Intermediate' Team Division

You're ready for the next level, but a bit too modest to consider yourself an 'Elite'. No problem! Intermediates follow some of the same route as the Beginners, only with a little more hiking and some moderately technical mountain biking on both single and double track trails. 'Mystery tests' will be a little more challenging and will require some basic orienteering and map skills. A true 'entry level' adventure race.

'Elite' Team Division

Looking for a good finish to the racing season for this year? Like to go hard? It's not Eco-Challenge, but you will definitely get a workout! Elites will be treated to just under 50km of extended paddling, scenic trail running, as well as some classic rides on North Shore trails. Basic orienteering and navigation skills and some technical and downhill mountain biking experience are a must.

'Elite' Solo Division

We're also offering an 'Elite' Solo Division where adventure racers and elite athletes can rely only on themselves as they work through the course. The route will be similar to the Elite Team Division. Elite solos use kayaks instead of canoes. Elite Solos must provide their own kayaks.

'Corporate' Team Division

Sign up in the appropriate category that fits your teams skills, fitness level and racing experience - either Novice, Intermediate or Elite.

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